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Prayers of a political immigrant

Consider the prayers of a political immigrant. For in tongues lies the autonomy of prayer, a preference cultivated after a fashion, a tribal competence, whoever belongs in language to G-d,  modeling choices of grateful praise, entering the self-expressive spaces, waving or nodding, the gestures of a kind understanding, spontaneous some, others dignified. 

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O God of Peace, For a World Community bent on peace, draw me into community celebration of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

For a Senator who enjoins practical steps to nuclear Disarmament, 

You make us grateful --contact Senator Ed Markey for thanks

For example, "It means a great deal to me reading of your support for nuclear abolition, at least calling on President Biden to cancel the submarine-launched, low-yeld W76-2 warhead, fielded under Trump. Thank you also for your letter this past Tuesday with Rep. Ro Khanna of California to "pause further development of" the controversial Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.  Furthermore, I agree with and extend my appreciation of your ask of President Biden to adopt a "no first use" doctrine for nuclear weapons."


Draw me to connect with the signs of the times--lead me this Lent of Liberation in the path of Cheri Mills, that I might act in solidarity with "the presence of God in the life of African Americans who have, historically and regularly, experienced systemic racism, profiling, police brutality, redlining, subprime lending, mass incarceration, discriminatory practices, and unjust court sentences" --Day 13, p. 41

For an end to the death penalty.


For an end to torture, we ask the intercession of the community of saints, especially St. Blaise who was tortured.

in thanksgiving for the life of torture abolitionist, RIP Sr. Dianna Ortiz, OSU

For an end to indefinite detention and the repatriation of Guantánamo prisoners cleared for release. Help us mourn the life of former prisoner, "A Beautiful Sound," RIP Ibrahim Idris.

 Give the Biden Administration wisdom in exercise of Executive Authority to name a special envoy to assist in closing Guantánamo Bay Prison. We expect notice soon of an executive order in the coming weeks or months, as we await the fulfillment of your Kingdom oh God, may we pray.


For these prayers and the prayers we hold in our hearts, especially the Lenten Litany of Repentance, we pray. 


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