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The Rescue

  “Ugh,” said the little dinosaur. “UOahh” said the little dragon. The two were sharing a hospital bedroom with a window overlooking a red tinted river and violet clouds. But they weren't seeing any of it. They both squinted their upset eyes and groaned. “I don’t feel so good,” said the dinosaur. “Me neither.”  Knock, Knock, came a sound at the door. “It’s time for temperatures,” said the nurse. “Say ah.”  “UOahh,” said the little dragon. “Oh, that is certainly a temperature.” “Mine is worse,” said the dinosaur. “Let’s see about that,” said the nurse. “Oh, that does look high. But you both will feel better in the morning.” The window shows a gray outdoor cloud and a narrow red disk disappearing across the river. And they went fast asleep too. That night a great big earthquake struck the building in two. A fire truck arrived and sent up a firefighter on a ladder. “Come with me you two. You’ll have to climb on my shoulders.”  The next morning a newspaper arrived on the neighborhood’s