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The Poor Folks' Audit

Rev. Savina Martin has a spark. I'm reminded of a certain friend when the Poor People's Campaign asked attendees in its orientation to describe themselves as either an impacter / an activist / or a change agent. Then Rev. Savina adds to the prompts, asking whether a new comer had gone to jail for justice. Many responded they admired and conceived of such an ambition. For these I offer the fruit of my own prayer. Prayerful discernment raises questions such as, "What do you aspire to accomplish in the name of God? What consequences do you foresee hazarded by our society? How would you mitigate against repercussions?"   This past election week 5.2 million incarcerated people were denied the vote due to Federal Disenfranchisement laws . While elections say something about power, many disregard the importance of the vote, or worse, discount their own voice, saying to themselves, "I have nothing to contribute, no opinion to give. How can my vote make a difference?&quo