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Kids Pizza Making Class at Posto

  “We were very excited to be able to enjoy some snacks and some drinks while the kids were having a good time,” Katie said afterward at the park on Highland as our kids played. “It fulfilled the daytime date and a friend date because you could do all of it” her partner Kathryn said. “We didn’t even mention it on social media, just sent an email blast and thirty seats sold out in 3 hours,” said Kim Winters, event host and Alpine Restaurant Group director. “I tried to go the first time,” Kathryn McCarthy said, “but that was nice of them to reach out to say they were doing another of them.”  It felt like a boutique experience. “The number was right,” Katie McCarthy said, “Enough to be exciting, but they limited it for the experience.” “First be sure to press out the air,” Chef Juan Pérez explained. My girls studiously squished. “And then you do this,” he said, stretching the dough effortlessly over his knuckles. Phones turned on camera mode. With a flick of his wrists, it went airborne.