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Geralyn's Eulogy for Kenny

   I was his baby girl. I have memories of sitting on his lap to listen when radio reported on the War in Europe. People don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into, Era bear. Then he told the story of the Voyage of Saint Brendan the Abbot.     Soon after Easter they embarked, disappointed in the newest baptized who seemed to take Christianity lightly, because they had celebrated and gloried but despite the teaching of Lent few made effort to relieve the poor and suffering in their midst.     The boatsman sighted an unexpected sight of land and Brendan made to investigate. When the saint landed on a small island and made a fire to warm them, to their surprise their dogs whined and barked in every direction. The island at once began to move and the water’s edge surged back and rushed them into their boat. At a distance, it turned out to have been a floating, slumbering, giant whale, the míol mór.     Monsters in the deep, he said, were the earliest crea