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The Wailing Wall

  For a date night last November we saw the famed Agatha Christie mystery put again to film. For want of the perfect, soft-boiled egg to breakfast,  The Orient Express features the detective Poirot, a brilliant eccentric, delaying a case of wrongful death at the Wailing Wall in the remains of the ancient Solomonic Temple of Jerusalem. (Watch the scene again here .) A friend gave us an image of Jerusalem for our homecoming. A script appears beneath a vision of a gold dome. Like two front teeth, the Hebrew letter shin, means heart. It appears similar to the Arabic letter,  related via the Phoenicians to the language Jesus spoke, Aramaic (see chart here ). What the difference, where the heart is there is home... The bunny that lay soaked in the rain Sunday, stank Tuesday, now sinks into the ground. I look for the figure unconsciously, never equipped to make the phone call to 3-1-1 for disposal, or with enough bag to bury the corpse. I know there is no perfect or natural death wher