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Submarines, Gaza, and the Village Square

Einstein spoke to the UN in 1946 saying that the "village square" did not want a nuclear arms race. The iconic Armageddon Clock of The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists  is 90 seconds to midnight, rating the current and never-before-faced proximal threat of nuclear war. Currently the US is "showing force" near Gaza--Meanwhile, blatently disregarding its US Treaty Obligations under Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signed by the US in 1968, the U.S. Navy has announced the commissioning site of a submarine still under construction.   1. Nuclear Weapons and Gaza, 2. USS Massachusetts to be commissioned in Boston Nuclear Weapons and Gaza The US silence on Israel's possession of nuclear weapons is one violation of the Non Proliferation Treaty. I point to the foundations of this in the Golda Meir-Nixon agreement  in my essay " Gaza Babies and Achille Mbembe's  Necropolitics "  but disarmament activists are making other connections.  Nine wer