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Rev. Gerard Walsh

By 1977 is chaplain of Massachusetts State Police (Police Chaplain)                        He is acquainted with Kenny—served as a prison chaplain four years 1960-64, when aged 32-36.             Sermon title 1962… “Give your Doubt to God”             Kenny remembers his analogy of Doubt to a man cheating on his wife. If you cheat, you doubt that your vocation give to you from God is to honor your wife, and serve your family.             Katherine McHugh, 70 yrs-old in 1962, had confessed her weak faith. She asked Fr. Gerry—Do you ever doubt? He was behind the screen, glad she could not see him squeezing his rosary. He swallowed, tempted. He cursed to himself Satan, Be Gone! “You are a child of God. God is merciful and all-understanding. Have you heard the prayer of intercession to St. Peter? Take a prayer card in the vestibule. I was invited to attend a retreat in Gloucester with the most doubt-filled priests you can imagine—the Jesuits. God forgives such