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An Act for the Divestment from Nuclear Weapons

Written testimony by C.R. Spicer to the Joint Committee on Public Service, House Chair Gordon, Senate Chair Brady, following in-person testimony given June 9 approximately 11:45am. In my remarks, I had followed Nick Cantrell’s analysis of the financial responsibility to divest, pursuant to H. 2597/H.1703 An Act to Divest the State Pension Fund from Nuclear Weapons. I limited my remarks to the moral argument in favor. I expressed thanks to the testimony shared by Dr. Jonathon King and Dr. Ira Hefland, whom you also heard from, colleagues on the Mass Peace Action Working Group for Disarmament, where I have the distinction of leading the Direct Action subcommittee. The personal responsibility for disarmament was taken to Kings Bay Submarine Base, a group of seven performed symbolic and prophetic disarmament, praying the Rosary at the site of sin, pouring blood, then making their case in court that their action followed from the Catholic Social Teaching, as expressed most visibly by Po

The Great Green Banana Tree

 Once upon a time, the monkeys were amazed at the great green banana tree. It went up and up. How tall? The monkey was looking up.  The bottom of the tree was far. The monkey sat in the monkey tree and looked at the tall green banana tree that was higher than any other tree in the jungle and higher than the monkey tree. The monkey wondered what was so difficult about the tall tree. Why did the monkey think it was so difficult? None of the monkeys went climbing the tall banana tree. When had they said it was too difficult to climb? The little monkey knew it was far far way to the bottom of the tree.  A river waited, You will see me when you coming looking for the big tall banana tree it whispered around a bend. A big bear scratched its back on the rough bark of a tree. You will see me when you coming looking for the big tall banana tree, it growled happily. A crowd of bees buzzed around their nest when the bear dug inside. You will see us when you coming looking for the big tall banana