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Addressing Ageism: A Week in the Life of the Human Rights Commission

  Rain has washed away a snowdrift in the corner of the 24hr Dunkin' Donuts parking lot in Somerville’s Magoun square revealing a fallen sign promoting a Walk to End Alzheimer’s event last October. In this out of date sign I stop and reflect with gratitude for the event organizers and those dedicated participants. That month I spent largely oblivious to the elderly in my midst, preoccupied with our newborn and launching the kids to school routines and planning to make my sweet potato chili for Halloween, not to mention the opening stages of what International Court of Justice has ruled applying the law of Genocide to call for an end to hostilities and delivery of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Though they remain largely invisible in one of the Commonwealth’s youngest cities, the elderly, classed in our society among the most vulnerable persons, and their needs, have lately come to my attention in my capacity as Chair of the Somerville Human Rights Commission. For over a decad