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Men in Guantánamo

 In darkness and protracted isolation, 39 men are prisoners of War in Guantánamo. Two of them were among the first 20 men to arrive on Jan. 11, 2002, Ali Hamza al Bahlul, who Carol Rosenberg reports is "the only prisoner there currently convicted of a war crime, and he is serving a life sentence, The other is a Tunisian man, Ridah bin Saleh al Yazidi, 56, who was cleared to go years ago but who has refused to cooperate with efforts to repatriate or resettle him."



Minus the release July 19, 2021 of Abdul Latif Nasir (Morocco), 5 remain held in Law-of-War Detention but Recommended for transfer if security conditions are met. 7 were Charged in Military Commissions System; 2 were convicted in Military Commissions System; 3 have been proposed for a dubious trial in Military Commissions System*; 22 others remain held in so-called Indefinite Law-of-War Detention and to the forever life of Guantánamo are deemed Not Recommended for Transfer.

*The Convening Authority approved the charges for trial on Jan. 21, 2021. They have yet to be arraigned.



The recommended for transfer if security conditions are met include 5:


Sufyian Barhoumi (Algeria), Ridah Bin Saleh al Yazidi (Tunisia) Tolfiq Nassar Ahmed al Bihani (Yemen), Said Salih Said Nashir (Yemen), Muieen A Deen Jamal A Deen Abd al Fusal Abd al Sattar (Stateless Rohingya)


The 7 Charged in Military Commissions System:


Abd al Hadi al-Iraqi (Iraq), Khalid Shaikh Mohammed (Pakistan), Abd al Rahim al Nashiri (Saudi Arabia) Mustafa Ahmed al Hawsawi (Saudi Arabia) Ramzi Bin al Shibh (Yemen) Walid Bin Attash (Yemen)


The 2 Convicted in Military Commissions System:


Majid Khan*(Pakistan), Ali Hamza Ahmad Suliman al Bahlul (Yemen)

*Pleaded guilty, awaiting sentencing


The 3 Proposed for Trial in Military Commissions System*


Riduan Isamuddin Hambali (Indonesia), Mohd Farik Bin Amin Zubair (Malaysia), Mohammed Nazir Bin Lep Lillie (Malaysia)


*The Convening Authority approved the charges for trial on Jan. 21, 2021. They have yet to be arraigned


The 22 Held in Indefinite Law-of-War Detention and Not Recommended for Transfer


al Afghani, Muhammad Rahim                  Afghanistan


al Afghani, Haroon                                      Afghanistan


Abdelrahman, Abdelrazak Ali                     Algeria


Malik, Abdul                                                   Kenya


Al Libi, Abu Faraj                                        Libya


Al Bakush, Ismael Ali Farag                       Libya


Rabbani, Mohammed Ahmad Ghulam      Pakistan


Paracha, Saifullah                                           Pakistan


Abu Rahman, Abdul Rabbani Abd al Rahim  Pakistan


Zubaydah, Abu                                            Palestinian Territories


al Qahtani, Mohammed                             Saudi Arabia


al Sharbi, Ghassan Abdullah                      Saudi Arabia


Dourad, Gouled Hassan                              Somalia


Sharqawi, Abdu Ali al Haji                          Yemen


al Hilal, Abdul al Salam                              Yemen


Bin Attash, Hassan Mohammed Ali           Yemen


al Kazimi, Sanad Yislam                             Yemen


al Rammah, Omar Mohammed Ali           Yemen


Qasim, Khaled                                                Yemen


al Alwi, Moath Hamza Ahmed                   Yemen


Uthman, Uthman Abdul Rahim Mohammed Yemen


Carol Rosenberg, "20 Lives Weigh on Plan to Shut Guantánamo: First Detainees' Paths Reveal Challenges" 28 March 2021 New York Times

Carol Rosenberg, "Freed Guantanamo Bay Detainee Reunited with Family in Morroco" 20 July 2021 New York Times.


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