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New Piece by Jeremy Varon

 it cleared my head like a bell right in the middle of two toddlers and dinner on the stove, unh huh mi amor yeah yeah i said. and i know their are pleasures in this text and they are pride and you know what thats not it. Wine. I could lay back with wine and feel not even as good as reading this piece again. Thank you. 

As I wrote our very own Jeremy Varon, about his piece in Waging Nonviolence:
Wow this was sweet
Yes! You have a great voice. I hear it so clear and see you with a mic and an umbrella in front of the circuit court. 
The way you gave us the exhilaration in the victory oh my and led us on and in the slug of time. how in your bones. I feel the notion of justice is trustworthy in you. The statement drafting months built this piece? As I know it, my belonging is conscience and it hasn't word, only state, like ice. The tension of looking at Guantanamo has made those bubbles stop. I can be refrozen, melt, but the years go and I dissipate. In you the coldblooded that focused unfocus vibing the air with your tongue. You could put it that you have activism in your blood, veins like we all, but if this piece doesn't circulate their's no heart in America. 
    I waited a long time to understand what has happened to me finding smallest of victories in the staleness of my imagination. In the crowding out to the wallpaper edge of discourse, a less than popular subject, but sure, still so sure of the God who saith Oh Hell No. Torture. No, no. As it were an old testament book, how to keep in the land of the living? You said it. Out came more Ambassadors themselves former prisoners, if only with healing smiles to say we know this can be done. You got this America. Open back up your shut-down plans and go on setting right. 
    200 hundred hours ago you had these charts and these statements and these memories. You marched those allies down the street one after another. You framed an exhibit case and made choices. You gave us your alterego a narrator so honest and real and weary and heartfelt and beautiful and bighearted and sly, so sharp, steely eyed and no-nonsense we could dream with our feet and we would walk hungry tired across the street hooded and be told by a guide step. step we did.

Spread widely!
Our activist work highlighted in new piece--substantial, long read. Excellent layout of images (


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